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Graphic Journalism



Culture TV Show


Documentaries & Series

Our multiple award-winning team translates your cause or best practice into a compelling narrative and valuable media product -either in a series or one master piece- suitable for TV airing or online streaming.

What we deliver

  • Research and image gathering

  • Film-like videography

  • Script, tone and manner

  • Editing guidelines to track progress

  • Media and PR*


We integrate successfully with your PR, HR or Marketing departments by understanding your brand's values, matching them with a multi-audience or multi-channel strategy in a tight resource environment.

What we deliver

  • High quality video production

  • Bilingual voice over artists

  • Actors, presenters in Mexico and US

  • Storytelling and bonus tracks

  • Social media derived contents

  • Pitch presentations


Cover the last mile of your project's image and content needs. Full-frame DSLR, sound and professional lightning

What we deliver

  • Journalistic interviews

  • Voice over recording

  • Script supervising

  • Video messages

  • Image gathering

Satya Social Purpose Communication Studio 

The world is watching, more than ever, for companies delivering measurable value. We deliver trust-building solutions with effective CSR strategies, health literacy empowerment, cause marketing for NGOs, corporate engagement and empathy-boosting campaigns, in face of our current challenges. 


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