Marketing for Causes

Non-profit program Boost

We help organizations assess their current social outreach, fundraising structure and strategic partnerships to create mid and long term plans, with clear goals for internal and community engagement sustaining long term social development.


We know that it is important to create an efficient content strategy providing consistent communication outcomes. We make it possible by touching hearts and minds of all your interest groups.

What we deliver

  • Innovative cause positioning

  • Workshops and team building

  • Benchmarking

  • Creativity for broader out-reach

  • Accountability app or website

  • Sustainability report

  • Content marketing

  • Impact evaluation


Mariel Hawley.

Queremos Mexicanos Activos A.C.

General Manager

Satya has provided our organization with video production services that have excelled our quality standards and helped expanding the vital health causes we pursue for our country

Christina Lenz

Cultura Integral Forestal A.C.

Executive General Manager

Our organization has pioneered since 1965 the forest care-taking cause.

Satya created a documentary truly depicting our vision and community engaging activities for the BANF Mountain Film Festival

Satya Social Purpose Communication Studio 

The world is watching, more than ever, for companies delivering measurable value. We deliver trust-building solutions with effective CSR strategies, health literacy empowerment, cause marketing for NGOs, corporate engagement and empathy-boosting campaigns, in face of our current challenges. 


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