Education Campaigns

& Contents

Health Literacy Programs

We empower health consumers (you, and everybody else basically!)  to choose better about their wellbeing. Using plain language and world proven effective learning materials.

Either  for public health institutions, corporations or insurance companies the ROI of this type of engagement is  4:1, in cost cuts and a more rational use of their services.

What we deliver

  • A wide portfolio of contents

  • Digital and print options

  • Training and consultancy

  • Campaign collateral materials

  • Evaluation and follow through

  • Branding strategy

Online Learning Solutions

Whether you are a professional trying to share your knowledge online, a HR department in search of aligning employees into your practices and values or a big mission-driven institution disseminating structured lessons for the public, we build and launch entertaining and insightful content and comprehensive structure to your goals.

What we deliver

  • Curricula definition

  • Technology advising

  • Content for lessons, seminars, etc

  • Marketing strategy

  • Implementation

Tutorial & Explainer Videos

Our effective cost formula and technology has been  applied for well over 300 videos.

They look easy and fast to produce, but behind every great explainer video there are countless hours of conceptual writing, storyboarding and culture-competent production that suits local languages and learning challenges.

What we deliver

  • Scriptwriting methodology

  • Character development

  • Creative animation techniques 

  • Multilingual options

  • Multiplatform ROI

Satya Social Purpose Communication Studio 

The world is watching, more than ever, for companies delivering measurable value. We deliver trust-building solutions with effective CSR strategies, health literacy empowerment, cause marketing for NGOs, corporate engagement and empathy-boosting campaigns, in face of our current challenges. 


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