Corporate Social Responsibility Optimization

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Kickstart

When you need to design a disruptive-do-good program from scratch or asses your visibility as a responsible company, there are time-saving steps that we walk you through.,


We help you figure out where to begin, by reviewing your current ideas and assisting you to prioritize them, giving you confidence to find your purpose, move forward and invest in your CSR.

What we deliver

  • Alliance with grassroots organizations and local consultants

  • Program intervention design and key performance indicators

  • Internal communication (resistance proof!) and implementation

  • Assistance for most common mexican certificates (ESR, ISO2600, NOM 035)

  • Hourly CSR consultation

CSR Program Boost

Promptly assessing your current social programs, promotions and partners we develop new CSR strategies that maximize awareness, engagement and cost savings.

Mostly, it is important to create content that is consistent and feels authentic. We craft it for your e-newsletters, blog posts, and social media posts that sounds human and feels authentic.

We can review your current CSR plans and positioning as we have done with tens of global companies that keep creating shared-value with long term initiatives.

What we deliver

  • Findings and implications from discussions with internal stakeholders

  • Competitive review

  • Best practices and innovations in corporate philanthropy

  • Corporate culture strengthening tools

  • High standard sustainability reports

  • Content marketing and production

  • Social campaigns

  • Impact evaluation

Satya Social Purpose Communication Studio 

The world is watching, more than ever, for companies delivering measurable value. We deliver trust-building solutions with effective CSR strategies, health literacy empowerment, cause marketing for NGOs, corporate engagement and empathy-boosting campaigns, in face of our current challenges. 


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